Graneco Rubber srl offers a wide range of rubber products. Their sieve analysis is purposed designed for the required application and the customers needs.

Graneco Rubber srl has developed and introduced the innovative solution of the coated granule, specifically required as infill material for artificial turf.

Furthermore, Graneco Rubber srl has developed the new generation of infill material called Spider&Go™ (patent pending)



Graneco Rubber srl offers a logistic service for gathering waste tyres (CER 160103) and rubber waste (CER 070299 and CER 191204).

The waste can be withdrawn on the customers site and can be downloaded in our site.

We can offer sever kind of packaging depending on the customer needs:
  • • BigBags on pallets (up to 1300 kg)
  • • Paper sacks (max 25 kg each)
  • • Polytene sacks (max 25 kg each)

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