Graneco Rubber srl has set a modern and efficient plant without hazardous smokes emission.
The process is mechanic only, which means chemical-free. The output gives several classes of granules.

In order to obtain a very clean products, Graneco Rubber srl processes end-of-life truck tyres only.
Thanks to purposed designed devices, the rubber granules are steel and textile free.


After the main rough grinding, the output feeds the second grinder with a capacity of 3 tons/h.
Subsequently the rubber is still further milled in the required size.
At the end we extract an almost pure rubber granule.

...And nature

Both with an efficent network for collection of waste tyres and a controlled process of grinding, Graneco Rubber srl is the leading company in the green economy. Its strategy is steered by the energy saving and the enviroment care.
Graneco Rubber adheres to the most strict national and local norms for operating in this market.