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Graneco Rubber was founded in 1998 and it is located in Possagno –TV- The new plant is built on 20.000 m² area and 5.000 of them are covered.

Graneco Rubber srl is a leading company in the green economy. It is specialized in collection, segregation and reprocessing waste tyres, developing alternative end uses for the recovered material and developing end market.
The disposal of used tyres in Italy is a significant problem. Every year over 37 million tyres are taken off cars, vans and trucks ( 380.000 tons) (source Ecopneus)

The recycled rubber from end-of-life tyres can be processed into rubber shred and crumb in grades of different particulate size which are then suitable for incorporation into a wide range of new products. Shredded or crumbed rubber can be used for a number of applications including surfacing for equestrian, sports and safety surfaces, carpet underlay, street furniture and acoustic barriers, as well as incorporation into new tyres. It can also be used for road surfaces.
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